Nepal New Year 2076 Bikram Samwat (B.S.)

14 Apr

Nepal New Year 2076 Bikram Samwat (B.S.)

In Nepal, the new year begins with the first day of the month of Baishakh, which usually falls around 13-15 April in the Gregorian calendar. This year as per the Bikrami Calendar (Bikram Sambat), Nepali New Year is falling on 14th April 2019.

The traditional new year is widely celebrated back in Nepal wherein we have a family gathering, and exchange of good wishes. Also to mention, it also coincides with the traditional new year in various other places like Assam, Bengal, Burma, Thailand, Punjab, Manipur, Tamil Nadu, and Kashmir.

According to the Vikrami Calendar which is also sometimes called Hindu Calendar, it is 2076 B.S. Like every year NZNS is organizing a family event wherein we will have a cultural show and full engagement of audiences.

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