Chhahari - We stay together Chhahari

New Zealand is undergoing a demographic shift suggesting everyone 65 years and over is made up of more than one million. The Nepalese population in New Zealand is also expected to follow the national demographic pattern. In this regard, New Zealand Nepal Society Inc. (NZNS) announced the “Senior Citizens Wellbeing Program” on 11 July 2021 and proposed the formation of a separate working team to enable facilitation to a meaningful shape to this program.

The program which is known as ‘Chhahari - We stay together’ is currently led by a committee as follows:

Mr. Yuva Adhikary – Co-ordinator

Mr. Indu Shrestha – Member 

Dr Jagamaya Shrestha-Ranjit – Member 

Dr. Mahendra Giri – Member 

Mr. Manohar Shrestha- Member 

Mr. Pradip Baisyet – Member 

Ms. Shanta Bhattu- Member

The program aims to achieve the following and design the activities in consultation with the members.

• To support Seniors to enable them to live a healthy life in a safe and secured environment. 

• To promote intergenerational support network for quality ageing and facilitate knowledge transfer for mutual benefits. 

• To co-operate and collaborate with other governmental and non-governmental organizations who have common goals for the benefits of seniors. 

• To promote and contribute to the age-friendly ethnic communities.

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