NZNS Annual Sports Meet 2012

22 September - 6 October 2012, Auckland

NZNS Annual Sports Meet 2012

New Zealand Nepal Society organised various sporting events from 22 september to 6 Ocotber 2012. NZNS would like to contragulate to all winners and participants in those events. The final results for NZNS Sports 2012 are as follows:


Table Tennis


Winner:   Mr. Suman Dhungel
Runner up : Dr. Prakash Ranjitkar

Under 15: Winner:   Master Suwesh Ranjitkar
Runner up : Master Manit Pratap Singh

First :      Mr. Surya Tamang
Second: Mr. Sameer Khanal
Third:     Mr. Kedar Uprety

First:       Miss Kreepa Shrestha
Second: Mrs. Sujata Adhikary (Nepal)

Third: Miss Salina Dhungel

Under 15:
First :      Master Suwesh Ranjitkar
Second:  Master Florian Pant
Third:  Master Ayush Bhandari  

First:      Kesh Gurung
Second: Mr. Lee A Karthak
Third:     Mr. Bishnu Rai

Doubles First:

Mr. Kesh Gurung & Mr. Bishnu Rai

Mr. Sajju Nepal & Mr. Lee A Karthak
First: Miss Salina Dhungel
Second: Mrs. Priyangu Dhungel
Third:   Mrs. Rachana Shrestha

Under 15:
First :      Master Suwesh Ranjitkar
Second:  Master Ayush Bhandari
Third:  Miss Smriti Bhandari 

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