Tihar Celebration 2022

Tiharai aayo…Lau jhilimili!

The annual grand Tihar Celebration was hosted by NZNS on 24th Oct (Labour Day) at The Western Springs Garden Community Hall. It was done on the actual Laxmi puja day which made it more special with the Dheusi Bhailo team chanting the rituals with a couple of traditional dance performances and the crowd's favourite delicious Sel-Roti and Aalu ko Achaar.

To continue the trend started on Tihar 2020 of Deusi/ bhailo nights at NZNS’s members' households, this year it was organised at three different locations to cover East, North and Central Auckland. The creative performing team made every night a memorable one with traditional folk songs to showcase the Nepalese culture and rich heritage. Every evening was filled with enthusiasm, fun and great engagement. Our generous host provided some snacks to wrap up each night for Dheusi/ Bhailo team which was much appreciated.

It was great to have such an amazing performer who brought back good memory of Nepal by singing traditional folk songs with great interest.

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